Artists Statement



I lived in London for a year recently before going, a couple of painter friends and I mulled over what living abroad would do to my painting and maybe my sensibility as an artist.


What it seemed to do which I didnt expect is confirm my identity firmly and squarely as an American, for better or worse. Just that, you know, this is where Im from, and it has informed who I am probably more than Im fully aware of.The things that earlier influenced my work and thought, i.e., Amish and Shaker things, seem now like just the most obvious manifestations of something in me thats drawn particularly to the past of this place I live in.


The most recent past body of work was riffing on my thinking about mining, and underground fires, and uncontrollable things that go on around us that can be both terrifying and beautiful.


The current stuff is more or less a continuation of that in these paintings Im interested in seeing how rocks sort of talk with the painted surface they sit on, how a created thing (my painting) and a thing plucked from nature can interact with one another in a compelling way.